Messages to Heaven

April 12, 2014 - April 30, 2014

Messages to Heaven 

A tribute to late Remani Nambiar (Founder Shrishti Art Gallery)

Shrishti Art Gallery, established by late Remani Nambiar, is celebrating its 12th anniversary and the exhibition titled “Messages to heaven” is a tribute to her. Shrishti was a passion for Remani Nambiar, who died in January 2014 leaving behind everlasting imprints on her family, friends, artists and patrons. Messages to Heaven is a collection of thoughts and expressions messages, by a group of artists that shared a deep professional, personal and artistic bond with Remani Nambiar. Each of the artists received handpicked personal items of Remani Nambiar including pieces of her handwriting, saree, pictures, and ikebana materials like twigs, dry leaves and flowers and artists were requested to give their expression in any form and style they liked. The variety of exhibits in this show demonstrates artistic expressions of wide-ranging hues and artscapes that showcase the memories that the artists cherished with Remani Nambiar and Shrishti.

These artworks will remain as permanent exhibits on display for all times to come, in everlasting memory of Remani Nambiar.