Ramaniyam 2015 presents inBox

1-Nov 2015 - 22- Nov 2015

Shrishti Art Gallery is excited to present the second edition of “Ramaniyam” an art festival which was started as a tribute to Shrishti's founder Remani Nambiar.

This year we present inBOX -  a landmark exhibition in India given its size, its unique and relevant concept and given its venue - a 100 year old heritage palace. 

The details regarding the show are below:
  • INBOX -- One of the largest exhibitions of three dimensional artworks in India with an interesting and unique concept. The exhibition seeks to understand the impact of “disposable culture” of consumption on the environment and human mind.
  • VENUE--  The exhibition is being showcased in Hill Fort Palace (Old Ritz hotel) a heritage building built in 1915 by Sir Nizamat Jung. From its glory days of grandeur in the last century, all that remains of the palace is a shade of its former past. The palace that stands stately in the heart of the city has now been opened up exclusively for this exhibition. 
  • ARTISTS-- 81+ artists including some of the most established names in Indian contemporary art including Bose Krishnamachari, Laxma Goud, Riyas Komu, TV Santosh, Valay Shende will participate in this quest to highlight and exhibit this consumption dichotomy through unique works of art. 
    Private Opening - October 31, 6pm (Invite Only)
    Public Opening - November 1 , 11am to 6pm
    On view till November 22
    A boutique café along with a craft sore in the courtyard of the palace
    • November 7th, 8th and 9th – Ikebana arrangement as part of the sculpture exhibition
    • November 14th – Two hour pottery workshop (To enroll please contact Rema @ 9700164301). Workshop timings are below
      • 11:00 to 1:00pm
      • 2:00pm to 4:00pm
      • 4:30pm to 6:30pm
    • November 15th at 5pm – Western classical concert at 5pm
    • November 21st – Closing --> Watch out for this!!!
  • CONCEPTUALIZED by George Martin 


The Exhibition seeks to understand the impact of “disposable culture” of consumption on the environment and human mind.

This "disposable culture" is a very significant component of the consumerism that characterizes modern living. It’s a culture in which everything gets thrown away and very few products marketed to consumers are made to last for only a very limited time.  

  • We are thus burdening the earth by consuming millions of tons of natural resources to create, transport, and then dispose of the products that perhaps don’t need to be replaced periodically in the first place. In fact, they are designed to be disposed.T
  • his unbridled consumerism proves doubly damaging to the social fabric of the society where there is significant pressure to consume goods- as these goods shape one's identity. Materialism and consumerism also undermines how we feel about ourselves and interferes with our relationships with others given that we maximize our self-satisfaction through the social institutions of consumerism and hence the metaphoric connection between the ego and the consumer.

Says Martin on why he thought of this subject: “We are living in a world where theoretical frame-works repeatedly build models of “eco-holistic” propositions that coalesce social, environmental, political and economic analysis consistently. This, I believe, is to understand global political economy in relation to social and environmental concerns. But the gut-wrenching fact is that this idealistic eco-holistic model ends up in perpetual failure … Throwaway consumables ranging from nibbles to nebulas. This planned obsolescence motivates and or makes us engage in the   insistent interaction between individuals, who are assumed to maximize their self-satisfaction through the social institutions of consumerism. Hence the metaphoric connection between the ego and the consumer.”

The venue of inBOX, the Hill Fort Palace in Hyderabad, is a 100 year old abandoned heritage building. The palace was built in 1915 by Sir Nizamat Jung, then chief justice in the Nizam’s government. Till the 1990’s the palace operated as a luxury hotel under Ritz Hotel Company. The palace was a perfect choice as a venue as it’s a testament to the disposable culture that the exhibition highlights.  From its glory days of grandeur in the last century and an object of consumption for several years, the palace has run into disuse. It is a pale shadow of its former past as it has been forgotten and closed for over two decades.

With this exhibition we are pushing the contemporary art envelope in India with Hyderabad as the launch pad. We want the rest of the country to take notice of this exhibition and help the city and artists gain serious mileage. This event will place Hyderabad on the national art map and make it worth remembering. The idea for this show has its origins in the mind of Lakshmi Nambiar, who took over reins of the gallery after she lost her mother and wanted to “showcase a landmark event in India which will make the rest of the county take notice of Hyderabad and its rich culture.” “As young professionals and entrepreneurs become more aware and exposed to Indian contemporary art, a show like this will help push the envelope as far as creativity and exposure to the contemporary art world is concerned,” she adds.


Adip Dutta Gigi Scaria Rajesh PS
Ajay Kanwal Gireesh GV Rajesh Ram
Alex Davis GS Gopinath Rakhi Peswani
Alok Bal Harendranath Mohto Ravi Kumar Kashi
Amrit Prakash Harsha Valsan Reghunadhan K
Anangsha Kundu James Khamliansawma Rejimon KP
Anil Xavier Jeetander Ojha Riyas Komu
Anoop Panicker Justin Ponmany Sachin George Sebastian
Appalaraju Surakala Karl Antao Sandip Pisalkar
Apurba Nandi Krishna Murari & Shashi Bala Santanu Dey
Arunkumar HG Laxma Goud Saravanan Parasuraman
Atul Bhalla M Pravat Shiv Verma
Avijit Dutta Manish Sharma Shivaram Chari
B Srinivas Reddy Manohar Chiluveru Siddhartha Kararwal
Baalaa. R Mayur Kailash Gupta Smriti Dixit
Babu Eshwar Prasad Moli  Merlin Abhimanyu Sonia Jose
Balagopalan MP Nishad Sumantho Chowdhury
Bhuvanesh Gowda Mrinal Kanti Mitra Sumedh Rajendran
Biju Joze Muktinath Mondal Supriya Das
Bose Krishnamachari Murali Cheeroth Théodore Mesquita
Chippa Sudhakar Nilesh Kumawat TV Santosh
Chithra EG Nityananda Ojha Upendranath TR
Debanjan Roy Pinaki Ranjan Mohanty Valay Shende
Deepjyoti Kalita Pradeep  Kambathalli Valsan Koorma Kolleri
Dilip Chobisa Prajakta Pallav Aher Vibha Galhotra
Dinesh Pimple Prasad Raghavan Vinod Daroz
George Kuruvila Princess Pea Vivek Vilasini
George Martin PJ Probir Gupta