The Butterfly Effect

We are delighted to Present you for an art Exhibition titled “The Butterfly Effect”. ‘The Butterfly Effect’ is the idea that the smallest of things can have chaotic impacts in any aspect of our lives. We called on artists to explore the complexity of cause and effect and the resulting chaos through works of art. Through these artworks, the viewer can experience how the human brain is beautifully designed in turning something so chaotic to order using art. More details on the concept is below. There are 9 artists participating in the exhibition from across the country. They include Digbijayee Khatua, Dinesh Pimple, Malavika Reddy, Nishant Dange, Pratul Dash, Sujith SN, Prasanta Bandyopsdhyay, Priti Vadakkath and Ravi Chunchula.

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Emerging Palettes

Emerging Palettes is an annual art exhibition that provides a platform for Emerging Artists from across the country to showcase their work. This is the 11th edition of the exhibition organized in collaboration with Goethe-Zentrum. Artists who have completed their Master's degree in Fine Arts over the last four years applied to the program. The artists and works were selected based on skill and creativity by Shrishti Art Gallery, Goethe-Zentrum and eminent artist Rajeswara Rao.

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We are delighted to present “Triloka” - The Worlds of 3 emerging artists. This exhibition is a journey into the world of Rinku Choudhary, Protyusha Mitra and Dinar Sultana who respectively have their own unique and distinctive styles. These artists showcased their works at Shrishti during Emerging Palettes 2018. Emerging Palettes is an annual exhibition that we do with Goethe Zentrum through which Shrishti Art Gallery provides a platform to emerging artists to showcase their work. Last year we received more than 150 applications from which 13 artists were selected for the exhibition. Of these, we extended an invitation to three artists to showcase a larger body of work as part of Triloka 2019.

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On its seventeenth anniversary, Shrishti Art Gallery is delighted to present "Dialogue": an exhibition of artworks in mix medium on wood by Sudhakar Chippa & 14-year-old Ram Bahadur. Over the last three decades, Sudhakar has created artworks entirely by himself, from conception and ideation to execution using different techniques with wood and pigments in the isolated space of a studio. But this changed when he met by chance Ram Bahadur from Nepal. Ram’s parents came to Hyderabad in search of work and they happened to settle at a place near Sudhakar’s studio. Ram started visiting Sudhakar’s studio and one day while observing Ram painting some details in his work, Sudhakar was marveled by the freedom and playfulness of his strokes. The spontaneity of Ram’s brush challenged the rigor of Sudhakar’s established ways of painting. Thus, the collaboration began and resulted in the new body of works being shown for the first time. Given the economic condition of Ram Bahadur, Su

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