On its eighteenth anniversary, Shrishti Art Gallery is delighted to invite you for "Entwined", a group exhibition of artworks where artists explore the multi-dimensional possibilities of thread and weave at Shrishti Art Gallery. The exhibition is curated by Lina Vincent and the concept note is below. We have 8 artists from across the country participating in the exhibition. The Preview will be followed by a talk on “Art and Consciousness” an unexplored journey of the role of art on the human race by Jay Krishnan. Jay is a partner at Mantra Capital, a fund focused on investing in human good. Prior to that he was the founding CEO of T-hub.

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Realities and Fantasies

Shrishti Art Gallery is delighted to present “Realities and Fantasies”, an exhibition presenting recent works by Devraj Dakoji, one of India’s most renowned printmakers. Devraj Dakoji is exhibiting his works in Hyderabad after a gap of five years. It brings back nostalgic moments from the local art scene of 1960s and early 1970s, which saw him as a major presence. Continuing his ongoing series of “Wheel of Life”, Devraj Dakoji’s works brings attention to how the cycle of life continues despite the reality of man’s destructive interaction with nature. Recognizable forms In Dakoji Devraj’s work like fish, birds point to how these life forms adopt and survive as their natural habitats are destroyed. Dakoji Devraj has explored and excelled in several art media such as pen and sumi ink drawings, water colour paintings, and printmaking techniques especially lithography, and more. In his long career he has strived to contribute to the field of printmaking via his creative pra

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The Butterfly Effect

We are delighted to Present you for an art Exhibition titled “The Butterfly Effect”. ‘The Butterfly Effect’ is the idea that the smallest of things can have chaotic impacts in any aspect of our lives. We called on artists to explore the complexity of cause and effect and the resulting chaos through works of art. Through these artworks, the viewer can experience how the human brain is beautifully designed in turning something so chaotic to order using art. More details on the concept is below. There are 9 artists participating in the exhibition from across the country. They include Digbijayee Khatua, Dinesh Pimple, Malavika Reddy, Nishant Dange, Pratul Dash, Sujith SN, Prasanta Bandyopsdhyay, Priti Vadakkath and Ravi Chunchula.

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Emerging Palettes

Emerging Palettes is an annual art exhibition that provides a platform for Emerging Artists from across the country to showcase their work. This is the 11th edition of the exhibition organized in collaboration with Goethe-Zentrum. Artists who have completed their Master's degree in Fine Arts over the last four years applied to the program. The artists and works were selected based on skill and creativity by Shrishti Art Gallery, Goethe-Zentrum and eminent artist Rajeswara Rao.

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