Inner Strength

Shrishti Art Gallery is delighted to present "Inner Strength”, first solo exhibition of Sculptures by Srinivasa Rao M. ‘Inner Strength’ is a series of sculptures in bronze which reflects Srinivasa Rao’s introspective mood of finding the inner self, in a constant communication between his inner and outer being and in relation with his surroundings and nature.

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Art for a cause

As you are aware Kerala is facing the worst calamity ever in its history. I am from Kerala as well and I am aware of the situation first hand given our friends and relatives. Shrishti Art Gallery, Park Hyatt Hyderabad and the artist community of Hyderabad have come together to do their bit towards the relief efforts. More than 30 artists including eminent artist like Laxma Goud, Thota Viakuntam, DLN Reddy have contributed artworks where 50% of the proceeds go in to Kerala CM relief funds.

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Spirit & Matter

Shrishti Art Gallery is delighted to present "Spirit & Matter" on the occasion of its sixteenth anniversary, an all women artists show that explores Spirituality in art. Talk by: Tarini Kapur, Spirituality guide and life coach, will talk on “Five Ways to Silence Your Inner Critic”. Talk by: Ajoy Shaw, One of the most experienced Indian winemakers, will talk on “The Art of Wine Tasting” Experience the brilliant imagination on various mediums and forms on March 17th 2018

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Shrishti Art Gallery presents "BALANCE" in a quest to bring together different perspectives of animal and human relationship. This exhibition showcases artworks from seven artists depicting the relationship in their visceral perspectives and styles.

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