Arpana Caur


Birth Year: 1954

Arpana Caur is one of the leading contemporary Indian artists and has been exhibiting her works since 1974 across the globe. She grew up in an environment that was rich in art and music. Arpana Caur attended Delhi University and graduated with a MA in Literature. As a self taught painter, Arpana's influences came from her mother's writings (Padmashri Ajeet Caur), Punjabi folk literature, the Pahari miniature tradition and Indian folk-art motifs. In her paintings, Arpana Caur focuses on Indian women capturing the essence of their day to day activities inspired by social, cultural and spiritual themes as well as many other aspects of life including the environment, spiritualism (Nanak, Kabir, Buddha, Yogi and Yogini and Sufi series), time, life and death, the coexistence of past and present in India, communal riots, nuclear issues, peace, etc. Her work can be seen in several museums across the world including Modern Art in Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Dusseldorf, Singapore, Bradford, Stockholm, Hiroshima, Peabody Boston, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco and Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Arpana Caur lives and works in New Delhi.