Nagesh Goud


Birth Year: 1965

Born in 1965 Hyderabad, Nagesh has been associated with various art galleries. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from College of Fine Arts, Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University,(JNTU) Hyderabad, in 1993. He also completed his Maharashtra Art certification in 1987 with Distinction. His style of paintings is majorly reflects experimental studies and prehistoric stories. Nagesh tries to experiment by using different mediums, such as acrylics, Water colors, Pen and Ink, Metallic inks, and oil pastels etc. He likes to passionately work with his latest puppet marking series as these provide the line and stroke with color that he endears him so much. He has participated in numerous of group shows, including Vivek Verdhani College Art Gallery, Hyderabad, Gulbarga College of Fine Arts, Gulbarga; JNTU College of Fine Arts, Hyderabad. He has been part of many youth festivals, including “SHRUTI” organized by Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology Hyderabad and “POTPOURRI 88 “organized by JNTU College of Engineering, Kakinada and Hyderabad. He was awarded an award by LALIT KALA Samiti Siddipet. He was also awarded with Cash Award by Lalitkala Samiti Siddipet and JNTU College of Fine Arts Hyderabad. Apart from this, he was bestowed with PUPPET MAKER-11 award by Hyderabad Art Society. He Lives and Works in Hyderabad.