24-September-2022 - 25-November-2022

Jayeeta Chatterjee | Madhukar Mucharla | Rohan V Anvekar


Triloka” brings together the distinct voices of three emerging artists who derived inspirations and ideas from various thought-provoking issues. The exhibition addresses the questions on migration and identity in the works by Madhukar Mucharla, spaces, class, and the fading tradition of kantha stitching in the woodcut prints by Jayeeta Chatterjee, the human behavior toward nature, and the environment in surrealistically satirical paintings by Rohan V Anvekar. The exhibit showcases a body of works by these three creative and young artists who have developed their visual language by challenging the medium and techniques which they developed over the years.

These artists showcased their works at Shrishti Art Gallery during Emerging Palettes 2021. Emerging Palettes is an annual exhibition that Shrishti conducts in collaboration with Goethe Zentrum that provides a platform for emerging artists to showcase their work. Last year we received more than 250 applications from which 12 artists were selected for the exhibition. Of these, we extended an invitation to three artists to showcase a larger body of work as part of Triloka 2022.